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(w. TOGAF and ArchiMate)

Enterprise level

Solution level

AM Conceptual Framework

EA process variation

SA process variation *



Define organisation & Roles *

Define processes * and Resources

Establish authority

Agree EA funding and metrics

Assess EA maturity

Solution Outline Template

Relating EA & SA processes


Context & motivation

Aims and Standards *

Directives * 

80 Principles

Scoping guide *

Business and


Business architecture *

Business functions and capabilities *

Business functions in TOGAF & ArchiMate

Business functions as capabilities

Analyse baseline business

Design target business

Design business solution *

Business functions and processes

Value stream analysis

The BPM dream (BPMN + BPEL)


Information/Data architecture *

Data store & flow structures *

Document orientation

Analyse data store architecture

Business functions and data (IE)

Rationalise data architecture

Design data solution

Data store models

Data flow models

Applications and


Applications architecture *

Application integration patterns *

Use cases and user stories *

Microservices *

Classify applications

Integrate applications

Rationalise applications architecture

Enterprise level SOA

Communication modelling

Client server system layering

Application level SOA



Infrastructure diagrams *

Classify infrastructure technologies

Analyse infrastructure architecture

Rationalise infrastructure architecture

Design infrastructure solution *

Design to meet NFRs



Risk management

Plan portfolio changes

AM w. Unified Process (SDLC)


On catalogues and hierarchies

On matrices and their uses

On diagrams

Documentation frameworks *

AM Viewpoint library

AM Catalogue & matrix templates

Cluster analysis



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