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Avancier Methods

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Architect roles and other resources

 Your content has been my source of information to put EA in practice using TOGAF and ArchiMate, Thank you so much.”

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Software architecture: principles and patterns

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Enterprise architecture: history, perspectives and realities

“I always point… to your website [for] interesting, robust discussion and knowledge about Enterprise Architecture.”

“An astonishing collection built up over many years; an “h2g2.com” for Enterprise Architects” Business Intelligence Consultant


System theory for architects

“The most important work on EA and applied System Theory today.”

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Mission: Help IS/IT professionals to develop capability in the fields of enterprise architecture, solution architecture, business analysis and management thereof.

Differentiator: Realistic and practical: drawing on broad, deep and vendor-independent experience of systems integration and risk management.


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TOGAF, ArchiMate and other

Mapping TOGAF functions to capabilities

Mapping TOGAF to ArchiMate

Mapping TOGAF to IAF

Mapping TOGAF to NAF

Mapping TOGAF and ArchiMate to SOA

TOGAF’s architecture levels and other things

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TOGAF & ArchiMate summaries & analyses

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Popular papers

Enterprise and solution architecture

Agile Architecture

Other EA challenges

Business architecture: functions need capabilities

Business architecture: roles

Software architecture: Microservices

Software architecture: SOA and Bezos


Other topics

Human factors in management hierarchies

Complexity, agility and adaptive architecture

Rules and patterns in entity and event models


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