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Avancier Methods (AM) use

Avancier web site use

AM are comprehensive, cohesive, supported by training and certification, and largely in the public domain. They are compatible with well-known standards (TOGAF, ArchiMate etc.), yet also stand alone and give architects the more concrete guidance they need. They include scores of catalogues, matrices and diagrams for architecture description, guidance on organisation and roles. They are supported by training to the BCS professional certificates in enterprise and solution architecture.


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Legitimate use of AM requires the permission of Avancier Limited.

Avancier gives permission to:

a)      Individuals who have attended a training course delivered by Avancier or a licensed associate of Avancier.

b)      Employees of employers who have paid the appropriate licence fee to Avancier but only in the year that licence fee covers.

c)      Training providers who have paid the appropriate licence fee to Avancier but only in the year that licence fee covers.


AM users in categories b and c above must:

·        pay a licence fee for the year covered by the licence,

·        keep Avancier informed about any significant change to the expected number of AM users

·        stop using AM if and when the licence runs out, and

·        use the current web site version of AM wherever possible,


Avancier reserves the right the cancel the licence of anybody who copies web site content more widely than is needed for legitimate use.

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5. It is illegal for anybody other than a paid-for student of Avancier training to use Avancier training material, except with the agreement of Avancier.              


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