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About Avancier Ltd

About Avancier’s web site


Help IS/IT professionals to develop capability in the fields of enterprise and solution architecture, business analysis and management thereof.


Realistic and practical: drawing on broad, deep and vendor-independent experience of systems integration and risk management.

Training services

“The best and most relevant all-round architect courses I have come across”

Avancier Methods

“I have never seen such a thorough, all encompassing, accessible and SENSIBLE statement of what it's about and how to do it.”  Chief Architect, private enterprise.

Other architecture resources

“A first-class site… the wealth of information is unsurpassed.” Architect

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Contact us using this email address         

Or by post to this company address: 80 Thetford Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 5DT         

Or by this UK telephone number: +44 (0)20 8949 8077

Graham Berrisford

The founder, managing director and principal tutor of Avancier Ltd.

“I like his style of explaining” EA manager.

Graham’s email address.

Graham’s CV   

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The web site is about the architecture of large and complex activity systems.

It abstracts from the experience of hundreds of architects.

This site is paid for through fees for architect training courses and for Avancier Methods.

The web site was initially a place to post answers to FAQS, then grew into a kind of a structured blog.

I added some training course materials so as reduce the size and cost of paper course manuals

I added papers and books I do not have the time or ambition to complete and find a publisher for.

The "Human Factors" material is more for entertainment, and not fully public.

Maintaining the site takes a great deal of time and effort, which has to be paid for in some way.

Individuals are entitled to read the documents in situ, and there is a lot that can be learned that way.

People wanting to do more than make individual use of the site should pay one way or another.

Normally, that payment takes the form of buying a course place.

A few organisations pay an annual licence fee for organisational use of the web site.

We don't give away everything for free.

We hold back some juicy stuff for customers who pay for our services.


Access rights

You may read and link to this site provided you accept that for organisational use a small licence fee is due.

It is illegal to print, copy or present pages of this web site except as explained in access and usage rights.

If you like the site, please declare your appreciation in an appropriate social or professional medium.