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How is the site paid for?

The site is about the architecture of large and complex activity systems.

It abstracts from the experience of hundreds of architects.

Please do provide feedback, since that is how the site improves.

This site is paid for through fees for training courses and Avancier Methods.

You can get brief update notices by joining the Discussion group via the home page.

The site was initially a place to post answers to FAQS.

It grew into a kind of a structured blog.

I added some training course materials so as reduce the size and cost of paper course manuals

I added papers and books I did not have the time or ambition to complete and find a publisher for.

The "Human Factors" material is more for entertainment, and not fully public.

There now about 130 documents and 110 slide shows and about 1,000 updates a year.

“Great site. Great work”

“Your website has some really helpful resources.”

“Very well done and very helpful. Thank you.”

job well done. Informative and concise”

“There’s a lot of really useful stuff there.”

“It looks good… helpful resources. Keep up the great work.”

“A great asset to understanding of architecture, methodologies and many other things.” 

“Very impressive… as informative as it is comprehensive.”  “Lots of good stuff here – thanks”

“Comprehensive, clear and very well written, a significant contribution to the development of enterprise architecture.”

Maintaining the site takes much time and effort, which has to be paid for in some way.

Individuals are entitled to read the documents in situ, and there is a lot that can be learned that way. (After 5 months private-time study, one person learnt enough to pass the examinations for BCS enterprise and solution architecture certificates.)

People wanting to do more than make individual use of the site should pay one way or another. Normally, that payment takes the form of buying a course place. A few organisations pay an annual licence fee for organisational use of the web site.


I don't give away all for free; I hold back some juicy stuff for customers who pay for Avancier Services.






You may read and share a link to this site provided you accept that for organisational use a small licence fee is due.

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And/or search for the site using suitable key words and, from the results returned, find and select the site.