Avancier Methods for Enterprise and Solution Architecture

 “AM is end-to-end useful” In a word, actionable [compared with other frameworks].”

“More sensible, realistic, and practical than anything else out there – so much more understandable and conceptually consistent!” 

“I'm 24 years in IT, the last 12 or so in architecture and I have never seen such a thorough, all encompassing, accessible and SENSIBLE statement of what it's about and how to do it.”  Chief Architect, private enterprise.








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AM architecture reference model


AM extra: popular papers

Enterprise and solution architecture: things to know

Other enterprise architecture challenges

Business architecture in EA w notes on TOGAF

Software architecture: Microservices

Software architecture: SOA and the Bezos mandate 


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“The only site I have found that explores architecture & systems from multiple perspectives.”

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“Your website has some really helpful resources.”

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 “I stand in awe. A wealth of information and knowledge.” Technical architect.

"I have spent the last hour and a half on your website and wow!!!! It is a repository explaining so very many things MANY people ought to know and understand."

"Everything else I read on EA is mostly confused and confusing. Can’t anyone else… address the issues you raise and recognise the importance of what you’re saying?”

“A feather in your cap… job well done. Informative and concise”  

“Very impressive… as informative as it is comprehensive.”  “Lots of good stuff here – thanks” Senior Managing Consultant.

“Comprehensive, clear and very well written, a significant contribution to the development of enterprise architecture.” Technical consultant   

“It looks good…helpful resources. Keep up the great work.”

“A great asset to understanding of architecture, methodologies and many other things.” 

“helps me realise where IT currently sits in the world, where it could sit, and where it really, really should sit.”

 “job well done. Informative and concise”

 “A great asset to understanding of architecture, methodologies and many other things.”


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