Agile Architecture and related software architecture topics


·          Agile development principles are older than programming

·          System modularisation patterns are older and broader than “object-oriented thinking”

·          Design tradeoffs related to decomposition and decoupling are eternal and universal

·          Balancing tradeoffs is more important than following uni-directional principles








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Agile architecture

On the beginnings of agile

On agile software development

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On systems thinking ideas used in agile

What is agile architecture?

EA in the world of agile architecture

Commentary on “Agile Architecture in the Digital Age”

Commentary on “SAFe

Who joins up agility to EA?

Complexity and agility (many papers, “some great material here”)

Related software architecture topics

General software system theory and design tradeoffs

System coupling varieties *

The fading of “object-oriented” thinking

SOA and the Bezos mandate *

Microservices *

Decoupling part 1 *

Decoupling part 2 *

How encapsulation does not prevent knowledge sharing

On large persistent data structures and agility



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