Avancier Methods: Work Breakdown Structure

I have never seen such a thorough, all encompassing, accessible and SENSIBLE statement of what it's about and how to do it.


You must adapt this structure to suit each bid, programme or project.

Note that some processes listed below are further detailed at a 4th level of process decomposition.

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Home page

General process

Typical deliverables

Related artefacts


Inputs: Business Mission, Drivers, Vision and Strategy

Establish capability

Establish authority for architecture

Define architecting organisation

Define architecture processes

Define architecture resources

Architecture Organisation

Architecture Processes

Architecture Viewpoint Library

RACI matrices

Request For Architecture Work

Establish the context

Study the strategic context

Establish directives

Architecture Principles And Policies

Standards And Regulations

Scope the endeavour

Identify stakeholders

Identify aims and constraints

Agree a solution vision

Scope in several ways

Plan the architecture project

Stakeholder Communication Plan

Goals, Objectives, Requirements - top-level

Solution Vision - top-level outline

Scope Definition Artefacts

Architecture Project Plan

See Products and Techniques

Get vision approved

Clarify or build the initial business case

Doc and present solution vision(s)

Get stakeholder approval

Business Case Approved





Understand the baseline

Understand the baseline

Look for reuse        

Assess constraints and opportunities

Solution Outline - Baseline

Architecture Repository

See Products and Techniques

Review results of initiation

Review results of initiation

Build requirements

Baseline requirements

 Goals, Objectives, Requirements - revised


Clarify NFRs

Set target measures with flexibility

Assess business & IT readiness           

Assess non-functional risks


Business & IT Readiness Survey

RAID Catalogue


Design the target

Define business architecture

Define data architecture  

Define applications architecture

Design to meet NFRs

Define infrastructure architecture

Report the target architecture

Review the target architecture

Solution Outline target

Architecture Repository - revised

See Products and Techniques




Select suppliers

Select suppliers

Manage suppliers

Assess supplier dependency risks

Supplier Contracts

Supplier Management Plan

System comparisons

Plot migration path

List changes

Identify risks, costs and values

Prioritise changes

Plot migration path

RAID Catalogue - revised

Prioritised Change List

Migration Path

Portfolio road maps

Review the business case

Business Case - Revised


Plan delivery

Chart initial roadmap

Help managers complete plans

Plan implementation governance

Road Map

Programme/Project Plans

Project Compliance Plan

Compliance Review Checklists

Architecture Contracts





Hand over to delivery

Agree architecture contracts

Agree project compliance plan

Review project initiation document

Hand over architecture products

Project Compliance Plan - revised

Architecture Contracts - revised

Project Initiation Documents


Govern delivery

Share governance expectations

Schedule a review

Prepare for review

Carry out review

Report outcome

Manage review outcomes

Agree operational SLAs

Compliance Reports

Change Requests

Operational SLAs


Monitor the portfolios

Maintain portfolio catalogue

Monitor portfolio

Plan rationalisations

Portfolio Catalogues

Change Plans


Respond to operational change

Detect change

Determine response to change

Manage change to the architecture

Compliance Reports

Change Requests


MANAGE (continuous)



Manage stakeholders

Identify stakeholders

Prioritize stakeholders:

Understand your key stakeholders

Classify by attitude

Consider how to manage blockers

Record analysis in a stakeholder map.

Communicate with stakeholders

Stakeholder Communication Plan


Manage requirements

Define the scope of context documentation

Appoint a reqjuirements manager

Build requirements catalogue

Baseline requirements catalogue

Manage change

Goals, Objectives, Requirements

Requirements traceability matrix

Manage the business case

Define options

Define impacts

Define risks

Define ROI

Update and review at every milestone

Business Case


Manage readiness and risks

Define business & IT readiness

Manage risks

Business & IT Readiness Survey

RAID Catalogue


Manage change

Change Requests




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