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“Graham is great at making things happen”


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Avancier Limited: 2006 to date. 1

Former roles. 1

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Enterprise and solution architecture. 2

Consulting. 2

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Founder and director of Avancier Ltd, specialists in high quality professional training and consultancy in enterprise and solution architecture.

Enterprise and solution architecture tutor and consultant.

Publisher of Avancier Methods for enterprise and solution architecture

Instructor of classes to professional certificates in enterprise and solution architecture.


Certified by the British Computer Society to teach professional certificates in Enterprise and Solution Architecture.

Certified by The Open Group to teach TOGAF.

Training customers have included: ASDA, Roche, Virgin Money, Atos Origin, Siemens, Barclays, EDF, EDS, Bristol City Council.

Training associates have included: EA Principals (USA), QA, Architecting the Enterprise, Assist Knowledge Development, Info Support (The Netherlands), Algebra (Croatia).


Customer feedback:

·         “An authority on EA. He has given an impetus to apply TOGAF in my work.”

·         “Excellent. Highly knowledgeable tutor who was able to bring a sense of practicality, as well as clarity, to the TOGAF framework.

·         “Thanks for the very enjoyable course last week - a refreshing change from my first experience of TOGAF training a few years ago. You did help to make this much clearer and more tangible for me.”

·         “Very knowledgeable and professional.”

·         “Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very impressed with your background knowledge.”

·         “Very good instructor who knows the subject very well.”

·         “Thank you very much for an inspirational course – a lot of experience combined with a refreshing mix of optimism, realism and scepticism.”

Initially employed in programmer and database design roles.

Later, a manager and consultant in a variety of roles related to delivery assurance and best practice, risk management, knowledge management, quality management, database project management.


Atos Origin, Schlumberger Sema, Sema Group 1998-2006

Manager and consultant in a variety of roles related to delivery assurance and best practice, knowledge management, quality management and CMMI.

  • Best practice manager
  • Global architect training manager.
  • Solution development process manager.
  • Functional excellence and technical risk management.

Represented UK in global initiatives on technical risk management, knowledge management and software metier management.

Clients: DEFRA, Renault, Atos Germany.


Seer Technologies 1995 to 98

Company methodologist. CASE tool sales support.

Clients: Legal and General, CitiBank New York, other


Model Systems 1985 to 95

Principal consultant in analysis and design.

Clients: Stock Exchange, UK Government, Union Bank of Switzerland, other.


Eastern Gas 1981 to 85

Systems analyst. Promoted to database project manager, responsible for architecture of the applications and database in the hub of a hub and spoke system that linked the applications of several lines of business.


Infotech Ltd 1979 – 81

Principal consultant in advanced systems design.


ICL Education & Training 1978 -79

Principal lecturer.


DHSS 1975 – 78

Programmer, then teacher of software design methods.


Leeds University 1971 - 75

BSc in Psychology

Worked with clients in public sector, utility companies, consultancies, CASE tool vendors and a global systems integrator.

Experienced manager and consultant, analyst and architect, who has made a difference and improved processes in a 2,000 strong IS/IT organisation.

"Graham is great at making things happen, by pulling other senior people together and forcing them to consider what it is they do, what they should do, and turn the results into a working practice.”

“He is I think principally responsible for the establishment of a strong and vibrant architecture practice within Atos Origin."

“Graham helped us understand and better use TOGAF”


Strategic leadership

Assisted global and UK technical directors by contributing to technical strategies and policies.

Set UK process policies and defined sales and marketing statements in areas such as enterprise architecture, SOA, agile development and RUP.

“I read your [contributions] with interest and respect.” UK technical director.

Tactical leadership

Provided leadership in a large and complex organization. Brought others on board by influencing individuals and groups.

"Graham has done more than anyone else I could name to create and maintain our sense of a technical community and instil its values and insights." Application Architect.

Review and assurance

Reviewed and assured projects and architectures from process and technical angles. Led efforts to create a more pervasive risk management culture.

Known for foresight of risks and outcomes.

Valued for knowledge of the problems commonly associated with information systems development.

Broad knowledge of IS applications, concepts and practices, IT developments and practices.

Monitors industry trends.


Managed database and application integration projects. Managed a team of 30 seniors and a budget over half a million pounds.

Worked to both structured and agile methods.

Management of change

Made a difference. Showed imagination and creativity in starting several initiatives.

Directed and managed those initiatives through to completion, bringing managers and others on board.

Quality management

Directed and managed a strategic transformation of a systems integrator’s quality management system, involving process improvement to CMMI level 3.

Brought clearer and surer management direction to an organisation’s Quality System, which was globally recognized.

Knowledge management

Created an organisation’s first knowledge communities.

Managed and led successful knowledge communities – engaging them in process improvement.

Steered two KM platform migrations

“I have enjoyed your informal way of keeping us all updated. You have brightened up many of my dull days.”

Global liaison

Represented UK region in global technical director meetings and technical strategy, global knowledge management.

Enterprise and solution architecture

Early EA experiences

In the early 1990s, worked on enterprise data architectures in the NHS and CitiBank New York.

Spoke to these (disappointing) experiences at a British Computer Society meeting.

Worked with enterprise architects at a major financial institution.

Role in Atos Origin

From 1998, built a community of architects, establishing and sharing best practice.

By 2006, when the architect community was about 150 strong, managed a 15 day Global Architect Training Programme.

Reported to various managers, most notably the UK Technical Director and Global SI Practice Manager.

Managing architects

Formed and led a community, using collaboration tools.

Acted as a spokesperson for central goals, collaborating with and inspiring senior colleagues to play their part.

Communicated and influenced. Dealt with senior people, influenced decision makers at director level.

“I cannot recollect having come across anyone else that can achieve that so consistently across all levels from juniors to principal consultants.

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas that I respect and value.” Enterprise Architect.

Managing processes

Managed, improved and coordinated standards, processes, roles and training.

Used soft skills to form a consensus, and win people round to the idea of sharing knowledge and practices.

Dealt with ambiguity, and with variations from existing standards. Set an agenda for improvement and showed the gumption to deliver it.

"Graham has provided a superb level of support to myself and others over the years.

He keeps abreast of industry trends, and initiatives across [the company], and provides the pragmatic voice of sanity in evaluating change.

No one else has understood the importance of this or risen to the challenge of making it happen."


Broad and deep knowledge of information systems, data design, system design and application integration projects. Sees the big picture - can deal with the complexity inherent within IS/IT architectures. 7

Works with industry architecture frameworks.

Understands TOGAF, Zachman, SOA and their limitations.

Can create and sustain EA models to describe a current state, conceive and evaluate alternative architectural designs to develop a target state.

Architect training

In 2003, created a training programme to support architects in their careers. This ambitious project resulted in 15 day programme:

Level 1: Software/application architecture.

Level 2: System/solution architecture - 5 days.

Level 3: Enterprise architecture. Success depended on ability to understand at every level of detail - from top to bottom - what architects were doing.

Got the senior architects on board, persuaded them to contribute their lessons learned, and abstracted best practice guidance from that.

"Graham has an almost unique, crucial, ability to bridge the gaps that always arise between the many opinionated practitioners, enabling red herrings to be speedily identified and violent agreements to be constructively built on." Enterprise Architect.



Led workshops to gather operational knowledge and define requirements. Analysed current organisations, processes and data.

Created to-be process models and data models. Systematic and disciplined problem solver. Mentored others in analysis techniques.


Architected data structures, process structures and solutions. Developed a major systems integrator’s approach to enterprise architecture, spanning Business, IS and IT.

“I have greatly benefited from everything you have contributed over the years.” Senior Architect.

Process and practice improvement

Drove a programme of continual process improvement covering 1,000 technical staff. Improved and both bid time and delivery time processes.

“During the recent appraisal process, staff gave me feedback (unprompted) to the effect that your thought leadership and long-term drive to improve practices has helped them see themselves as part of a positive initiative that benefits both the company and themselves.” A staff manager.

Worked on process improvement for clients: Renault, Atos Germany, DEFRA.

Sales and support:

Assisted in winning business by influencing the technical aspects of bids/proposals to clients. Showed understanding of the commercial environment that Systems Integrators operate in. Credible, proficient and comfortable dealing with clients.

 “Without your continued presence as a central contact point, I’d be seriously concerned about our capability of delivering a valuable service to our clients.” Senior Architect.

For CASE tool vendors: Guided clients on effective tool usage. Advised on enhancements to CASE tool's services, product range and tools.



Writes and speaks fluently on all aspects of work. Communicates effectively with all levels of management and in public forums. Professional in dealings with clients, colleagues and staff.

“Excellent communicator and facilitator, I recommend him.” Client

Training and mentoring

Designed, managed and led training programmes for middle to senior staff, which have been well received.

Trained trainers. Mentored staff. See Architect Training above.


Invited to speak at public meetings – e.g. on model-driven v agile development – and on how we measure application value.

Has a reputation for competence and stature in process improvement and methodology. Has enhanced the profile of organisations through participation in industry forums and seminars.

Developed thought leadership positions by preparing white papers and articles.

Presented at road shows and conferences. Invited to consultant assignments across Europe. Invited to contribute to OMG and BCS events.

2007 to date, about 300 papers on this web site; several of which have appeared in other publications.


2004 “Why IT veterans are sceptical of MDA” Berrisford G.

1999 “Architectural Approaches to Software Engineering in Industry” in the book “Software Architectures” Springer Berrisford G.

1998 “Improving OO Analysis Methods” in JOOP 11(1): 6-7 (1998) Berrisford G.

1996 “Discrete Event Modelling”. In OOIS 1996: 340-Berrisford G.

1996 "Object Orientation and Business Data" in Database Newsletter Vol. 24 No. 6 Database Research Group Inc. Berrisford G.

1995 “How the Fuzziness of the Real-World Limits Reuse by Inheritance Between Business Objects.” in OOIS 1995: 3-18 Berrisford G.

1994 "Object-Oriented SSADM" Prentice Hall,  Robinson K. & Berrisford G.


Object Oriented SSADM


1994 “Reconciling OO with Turing Machines” in Computing. J. 37(10): 888-906  Berrisford G & Burrows M.


Other articles in magazines. E.g. in “Computing”. Presentations at conferences.

See also <>


BSc in Psychology from University of Leeds.

Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Soccer, badminton, golf, snooker, keyboards, guitar, garden.