Some systems thinking references

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Sources used some way in Avancier’s papers

1906 Space-time continuum (Hermann Minkowski)

1948 Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine” (Norbert Weiner)

1951 “General system theory: a new approach to the unity of science” volume 23 of “Human Biology”, L. Von Bertalanffy

1952 “Design for a Brain” (W Ross Ashby)

1956 “General Systems Theory” (von Bertalanffy)

1956 “Introduction to cybernetics” (W Ross Ashby)

1956 “General System Theory – The Skeleton of Science” volume 2 of “Management Science”, Kenneth Boulding

1971-72 System Dynamics (Forrester; Meadows et al.)

1971 “System of System Concepts” (Russell Ackoff).

1972 Second-order cybernetics (Bateson)

1972 Soft systems methodology (Peter Checkland)

1979 “Ecological System theory” (Bronfenbremner)

1997 “A Realist Theory Of Science” London: Verso. (Bhaskar, R.)

2001 “Luhman’s autopoietic social system” David Seidl

2001 The Emerging Consensus in System Theory” Kenneth C. Bausch

????  Charles Handy

2011 “The positive and the negative” Justin Cruickshank

2014 “Types and tokens” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

2018 “Splitting Chairs” in Philosophy Now, Jan 2018

2018 “The planning machineNew Yorker article, Evgeny Morozov

Sources referred to by others

Some of these are more to do with social or political management concerns than “system” in the classic sense.

1962 Systems engineering (Hall)
1963 Socio-technical systems (Trist et al.)
1965 RAND-systems analysis (Optner)
1981 Strategic assumption surface testing (Mason and Mitroff)
1988 Cognitive mapping for strategic options development and analysis (Eden)
1983 Critical system heuristics (Ulrich)
1990 System of systems methodologies (Jackson)
1990 Liberating systems theory (Flood)
1991 Interpretive systemology (Fuenmayor)
1991 Total systems intervention (Flood and Jackson).



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