System Theory for Enterprise Architects

“The most important work on EA and applied System Theory today.” 

“Makes EA more powerful, coherent and usable.”


1 day tutorial.  Saturday 13th May 2017. 

£95 per seat

To register interest email here


The venue is in London c600 yards north of Old Street tube station, which is two stops east from Kings Cross.

The tutorial is scheduled to start at 09.30 and finish between 16.00 and 17.00, there will be a lunch break.

Target Audience

Anybody with an interest in theories that underpin modern enterprise, business, data and software architecture.

In how those theories fit together or don’t - and in how they are applied in industry standard architecture frameworks.


The tutorial looks at system theory through the lenses of the scientific method, biological evolution, type theory and the philosophy most compatible with them.

It shows where and how this system theory is applied in enterprise and business architecture methods and modelling languages.

There will be series of presentations, with as much discussion as time allows.


Comments on the last running:

·         “Thanks for the session today - very interesting.”

·         “Good overview of complex area.”

·         “Your endeavour to marry up Systems Theory and EA is admirable."

·         “Excellent…. I was interested in system dynamics and the way you have integrated it with the rest.”

·         “Thank you for the inspiring ideas.”

This running will include much new material.


·         A philosophy for system architects

·         Set and type theories for system architects

·         A description theory for system architects

·         An information theory for system architects

·         Taxonomies, ontologies and data stores

·         A brief history of social system thinking (pre reading)

·         General System properties: holism, emergent properties, complexity, etc.


·         The start of “management science” (Boulding, Ackoff)

·         A few more ideas (Ashby, Beer, Luhmann) if time allows

·         The schism in systems thinking

·         “System Dynamics”

·         Classifications of system types if time allows

·         General System principles

·         Abstraction of architecture from detailed design if time allows

·         Application of system theory in EA (Zachman, TOGAF and ArchiMate).

Preparation and resources

Bring an enquiring mind.

Two or three papers will be circulated as pre-tutorial reading.

You will be given pointers to relevant resources at