Sense and nonsense in system theory


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“Awe-inspiring stuff… read so much I dreamt about it! The most important work on EA and applied System Theory being produced today. Correspondent.

"Wonderful stuff! Many thanks." Former adjunct Professor of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, New York.

"Thanks for sharing this excellent work." Consultant, California.

"Very thought provoking - I am impressed" Enterprise Architect and British Computer Society member.

"Excellent… provokes useful and important questions." IT Architect, Australia.

"Thank you for tackling this. I have felt for a long time that EA was applied systems theory." Enterprise and Organisational Architect, Seattle

"Your endeavour to marry up Systems Theory and EA is admirable." Architect, UK

“Thank you for the inspiring ideas on the course.” Enterprise Architect. Ireland.


On “Business systems as formal social systems”

“This is important work (along with the pre-science philosophy papers).

It sits above EA. It sits above General System Theory and Socio-Cultural System Thinking as well.

It clarifies many things, including the need to modify both ArchiMate and TOGAF in order to more usefully combine the two for EA work.”


On the impact of the above on EA

“EA gurus often react against the technology-oriented small-mindedness of some EA practice.

EA guru: “EA is not just about IT.”

Business manager: “So what is it about?”

EA guru: “Everything! There isn’t any thing EA shouldn’t concern itself with, can’t improve and shouldn’t be involved in!”

(Thus, the EA guru presents EA as being about nothing in particular.)

Your work makes EA more powerful, coherent and usable - counter-intuitively, by limiting it.

By methodically, systematically, systemically and ruthlessly limiting the scope of EA.”