Why do Solution Architects need templates?

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Avancier’s Solution Architecture template (24 pages, 3,000 words) is available only to Avancier’s commercial customers.

When we started running workshops for solution architects in 1999, those architects wanted and asked for templates, design patterns and examples.

A solution architect has a huge amount to consider and to coordinate.

A template provides a checklist to ensure all common solution aspects - and some uncommon ones - are covered.


A good template helps the architect manager and any governing body or risk manager.

It helps them much more quickly get hold of what your problem/solution is about.

It helps them identify the strengths and weaknesses in the architecture (or high level design if you prefer).

So I strongly recommend the use of at least one solution architecture template; all the major players I meet have one.


You call yourself a solution architect?

If you don't have a generic template for solution architecture definition, solution outline or high-level design, then you aren't a professional.

If you can't adapt a generic template to the specific circumstance of your problem, then you aren't experienced enough.


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