Avancier training course comments


“Good morning.


Training: Thank you [for] a wonderful training.

I have attended many trainings in my 20 years of experience.

All of them strictly adhered to the syllabus. None of the tutors shared their experience.

You did that. This experience is what hard codes the concepts clearly in our minds, which we will never forget.

I came into the course with a cloudy understanding and was off track.

Now I am on track and have a [better understanding] on (a) where I stand and (b) where I should go.


Website: Many, as you know, attempted to create BOKs on many areas. But they turned, in my opinion, into yet another "syllabus" material.

Your website is the wealthiest of all BOKs. Simply supernatural, if I may say so. Thank you for your contribution to this globe.”


There will always be business processes that push and pull data.

EA teams will always need methods to understand and change business systems.

People want the TOGAF badge, but also training relevant to them.



TOGAF course

·        Great course.

·        Theory very well explained.

·        Graham passed the ideas clearly.

·        Really enjoyed the session.

·        Was very useful and provided the learning outcomes expected.


Combined BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture course

·        Great content delivered by a clearly experienced tutor with an excellent teaching style.

·        Superb course covering all aspects of E&SA underpinned by a great study case.

·        The models and graphics that Graham used really helped me understand the concepts.

·        Graham created an environment where I was comfortable asking questions at which point he would take the time to further explain.

·        It was good that Graham used real life examples as it really helped get the point across.

·        Very valuable, broad perspective and amount of technical knowledge.

·        General overview of many topics, frameworks, guidelines combined with practicalities telling which ones are most valuable

·        The course is very intensive; as it covers all architecture domains.

·        I thought the course was very professional; this course I have learned many terms that are used in enterprise & solution architecture. It definitely helps me in my role communication with both business and technical client and colleagues.


TOGAF course

·        “Highly interactive course from a thought leader.”

·        “I found the course to provide an excellent balance between the highly abstract thought processes that TOGAF prescribe, along with some practical advice on the most effective way in which to apply the framework, which aided the overall understanding of the course and its objectives.”

·        “Graham makes a potentially heavy bureaucratic TOGAF interesting and enjoyable course. He brings not only excellence in academic perspective but, a practical view of the applicability of TOGAF in the real world. A well organised course taught by an excellent and engaging teacher.”

·        “A well-presented course on TOGAF that highlighted the power and strengths of TOGAF whilst also instilling a healthy debate on the challenges to implementing TOGAF in an effective way. I enjoyed the course, your presentation of the material and the lively debates that we had. Now the task of how to implement it!”

·        “TOGAF offers very dry subject matter, yet somehow Graham can breathe life into it! I did enjoy the course, and found it very useful for my major aim, which was to start learning the appropriate TOGAF terminology, concepts, etc. and how they relate to my outdated view of the world."

·        “You covered the TOGAF area well, preparing me for the exam and added value by tempering the TOGAF message with the reality of performing EA within an organisation.

·        “The course covers an awful lot of material, and is very interesting.”

·        “Being at the opposite end of EA (currently doing Cloud landscape architecture) the TOGAF teachings, whilst different, will aid in future deployments and planning. Especially around governance and aiding a structured service delivery. The course was very helpful/insightful however will take some effort absorbing the info."

·        “Thanks for the course – very enlightening, challenging and enjoyable despite the sometimes dry and abstract nature of TOGAFJ Hope and expect to be able to apply some of the methodologies learnt going forward.”


Combined BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture course

·        Good course – good tutor.

·        The course was well presented material that explained the subject and helped with the exam preparation.

·        An intensive course, covering the end-to-end of enterprise and solution architecture, from a tutor with a clear in depth knowledge and experience of his subject matter.

·        The course was broad enough to be useful, and, rather than focusing too deeply on any one methodology, a more general overview left me with valuable skills and insight that I can apply daily to my architecture role.

·        I enjoyed both the course content, and the tutor’s teaching style which I felt was excellent.

·        I thought the course was well structured and presented, your knowledge was very detailed; it was a little too technical [for me] in some parts but gave me an appreciation of the Enterprise Architect role.

·        Considering the subject is very “dry”, I enjoyed the learning experience overall and was a good mixture of reading/listening and exercises.

·        The course was delivered well and at an appropriate depth.

·        Tutor is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. The course did seem a bit “crushed” but his could have been due to size of class (16).


TOGAF course

·        “The course had the right balance of pragmatism to the adoption of TOGAF, grounded with real world examples.”

·        “Excellent course overall”

·        “Good”

·        “Course provided comprehensive training to allow me to pass the TOGAF exams”

·        “You are an excellent teacher, with very clear explanations of what we are doing and why we are doing it.  Very good indeed”

·        “Course was very focussed towards the certification which was the stated purpose so overall I think it achieved its goals for me.”

·        “A well-structured course, led by a trainer with deep knowledge of the subject matter, backed by team exercises and quality external materials.”


Combined BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture course

·        “Very interesting and informative week”

·        “A well-designed, enjoyable course, well presented and clearly focussing on much more than just passing the exam.”

·        “A week of high intensive architecture training underpinned by thorough coverage of the BCS Reference Model and its case study”

·        “A comprehensive course giving all detail required to understand and pass the exam and EA & SA roles”

·        “I found the course to be relentless from day 1, every bit of the content was very useful nonetheless. Enjoyed the course thoroughly and more so the way it was presented. I am certain this whole 'experience' will come to influence my future approach to solution designing.”


Additional selection of comments

·        “Congrats on a good course, well delivered.”

·        “Very good, provided good pointers for material.”

·        “Very good delivery. Intense but enjoyable course.”

·        “I really appreciated the course. It opened my eyes.”

·        “Wide ranging knowledge on the subjects was very impressive.”

·        “very helpful to understand the architecture phases [in] TOGAF. Thank you very much.”

·        Thank you very much for the course last week, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am very happy at passing both exams. Thanks again.”

·        “Thank you very much. It was really good and provided me with new views on EA and SA – one of the best trainings I attended.” Enterprise architect.

·        “I took other EA training; yours is much closer to architecture practice and the "first stop" to foundation knowledge of architecture for any type of architect.” Consultant

·        Clearly the tutor was highly knowledgeable on the subject and was a good, clear and concise presenter. Listened and could answer questions competently and convincingly.”

·        “Many thanks once again for a very interesting and informative course – I intend to put some of this into practice…. delighted I passed both exams. I'll be recommending this course to my colleagues and management team.”

·        “[The manual is] a great asset.”

Combined BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture course

·        “Putting everything into perspective. Top to bottom approach. Complete overview of frameworks. Broad spectrum of real life examples for parts of syllabus.”

·        “Systemisation of multiple frameworks and concise overview. Knowledgeable lecturer. Case study exercises and trainer’s real life examples.”

·        “Very comprehensive and complete materials – esp. the web site! Excellent teacher; very experienced and clear in delivering lectures.”

·        “Holistic consolidation of EA knowledge. Comparison of different frameworks.”

·        “Very good exercises and quizzes. Repetition of IT history.”

·        “Principles of gathering and structuring relevant info. on business processes, applications and logical schemas. Getting familiar with architecture reference models, modelling languages, different views, hierarchical classification etc.”

·        “Broad picture of the different architectures. Way of thinking for someone who is an enterprise or solution architect.”

·        “Excellent manual graphics and content. Many practical exercises.”

·        “Good overview of all relevant subjects in the Enterprise and Solution Architecture domain.

·        Subjects are shown in the space and missing things are filled in so I can better understand the whole story. Presenter was excellent in keeping the attention of attendees, in some subjects we learn.”


Below are comments from an experienced EA team member on an in-house TOGAF course.


In-house TOGAF course

“A very good course structured to convey the subject in an interesting and practical way, taught in a relaxed, knowledgeable and informative style.

TOGAF is a tailorable framework, method and deliverables that is valuable to architects tackling a broad range of assignments.

It does have its idiosyncrasies which needs a course and experienced tutor to help you navigate.

I valued the style and structure of the course:

·        Spending time on helping us to understand the background and the key concepts which helps put it all in context

·        Exercises around case study.

·        Bonus material from tutor on his website.”


Combined BCS Enterprise and Solution Architecture course

·        Useful / vital to doing architecture.”

·        “Enjoyed the course. Good pace. Realistic challenges.”

·        “Immensely valuable in reminding me of the premises and concepts behind what I do, given the day job pulls you away from these core competencies and skills.”

·        “Very good summary of material in a challenging timescale.”

·        “Good mixture of dry technical review and Interesting ideas, processes and feedback that I can take away along w certificate.”

·        “Very worthwhile.”

·        “I liked the course well; it helped to refresh some concepts and venture into some slightly distant areas.”

·        “Enjoyed the course. Loved it.”

·        “Very good course. Enjoyed the debate and good to have an instructor who knows a thing or two about architecture rather than having to read about it.”

·        “An excellent course overall. Reinforced my concepts about solutions and enterprise.”

·        “An eye opener!”