Which architect training and certificates?



In short

TOGAF - 4 weekdays or 2 weekends

TOGAF primarily a management framework for architects working to design and plan changes to business systems. The course covers all the “learning outcomes” examiners can ask you about.

You pay for and sit TOGAF exams separately, after the course.

The training material is more abstract than the BCS course – so is better suited to a management-oriented audience.

BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture (ICESA) - 4 weekdays or 2 weekends

This is a broader and more general course in the concepts, techniques, products and patterns that architects use (within or without TOGAF).

The course fees and days include exams for BCS professional certificates.

The training material is more concrete than the TOGAF course, and better suited to people who have worked on software/IT projects.

Which course?

The courses are compatible and overlap to a degree, but have different aims.

For general architecture terms, concepts and techniques – choose ESA.

For a specific change/transformation management process that promotes the role of architects – choose TOGAF.

For a comprehensive education – attend both – in either sequence.

In more detail


TOGAF training focuses on the Architecture Development Method (ADM); this is a management framework for planning and governing a substantial transformational change to business systems. TOGAF outlines documents and artefacts to support that process. Our courses include case study work featuring some TOGAF artefacts.


Those wanting a management framework for architects’ work. Training can serve as an introduction to architecture-level work for people with no technical background.

Almost everybody who attends the course passes the TOGAF examinations.

Training course options

See the Training Calendar for weekday and weekend course variations.

If you have BCS certificates, you can request a shorter TOGAF course including mock examinations. This is an ad hoc arrangement, not currently scheduled in the public training calendar.

Enterprise and Solution Architecture (ESA)

ESA training focuses on knowledge and skills relevant to solution and enterprise architect roles. It introduces the broad sweep of architecture terms and concepts, outlines architecture frameworks and includes practical exercises. It leads to examinations for BCS professional certificates.


Those in or approaching a solution/system architect role. Those who work under the governance of a strategy and architecture function.

Roles: those in Solution Development and Implementation, System Development and Management, System Design, Database/repository design, or Programming/software development, who want to move into an architect role. And those already in Enterprise Architect or Solution Architect role who want more formal education.

Those currently at SFIA level 4 or 5, or supervising lower level design work. Those in a more strategic role, at level 6 or 7 also benefit.

Training course options

See the Training Calendar for weekday and weekend course variations.

If you have TOGAF certificates, you can obtain the BCS practitioner certificate in a 2 day course, but will miss a lot by skipping the intermediate level training.

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From one who attended TOGAF, Zachman then ESA training

“The ESA course covers the key length and breadth of solution and enterprise architecture concepts from foundation to advanced. It elaborates progressively, making it easier to comprehend architecture frameworks and methods. It suits both novices wanting progress their career and experienced professionals wanting to strengthen their skills and apply their knowledge across the architecture domains.


From seasoned architects who attended TOGAF before ESA

All said they found the ESA course more relevant to their work.

Six out of seven recommended attending ESA before TOGAF.


Examinations for certification

Click here for details of the multiple choice examinations and certificates.

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Read the Training Calendar at http://avancier.website for prices, dates etc.

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