Harmonising conceptual frameworks for EA

Mapping TOGAF® to ArchiMate® (aka terminology torture)


People tend to assume different standards can be married together.

Difficulties arise when the bride and groom come from different families, with different cultures.

To put it simply:

ArchiMate tries to present a coherent and consistent conceptual framework, using a tightly controlled language.

TOGAF tries to embrace all terms and concepts that its authors have found useful in practice, resulting in some terminology torture.


However, you can find a coherent conceptual framework within the TOGAF standard.

And it is close to conceptual framework of ArchiMate.

At the same time, it is close to the different conceptual framework of Cap Gemini’s Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF).

If TOGAF is to maintain its own conceptual framework, it needs to be exposed more clearly, and change requests be reviewed against it.


Harmonising TOGAF concepts with ArchiMate – slide show

Harmonising TOGAF concepts with ArchiMate - paper


Harmonising TOGAF diagram types with ArchiMate – slide show


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