TOGAFTM  - can you show me an example?

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The question is asked on most TOGAF training courses.

It might be argued that TOGAF is for people who understand architecture and can tailor the ADM and its deliverables to their needs - who don't need examples to follow.
However, this page contains a few thoughts by way reply.


If you mean illustrations of TOGAF artefacts, you can find plenty on the Products and Techniques page at


If you mean marketing-style case studies then try


The Open Group have published a paper called "World Class EA" that contains an example of TOGAF.

But the example is so abstract that it isn't what most people are looking for.


It is any case questionable what it means to publish an example of TOGAF.

TOGAF is a management framework for many things architects might do; but nobody uses TOGAF from A to Z

You are expected to tailor it, to choose what is relevant to local circumstances and local methods, and then tailor that.

So, you can find university and public sector EA case studies on the web, and regard them as examples of tailoring TOGAF.
You can also find EA case studies in the book "EA as Strategy" out of MIT, though it is harder to claim them as examples of TOGAF.

The "scope" decision made in phase A opens up the possibility of vastly different "visions" (business or technology, small or large, short-term or long-term).

Any one case study example is likely to suit only a minority of readers; it could also mislead people as to the applicability of TOGAF.

Very few can or want to publish their real-world case studies.

The architects don't own the intellectual property; and the IP owner wants to protect their IP.

Few want to take the risk that the world will criticise their EA organisation, processes or documentation.


Supposing somebody did show you a set of TOGAF deliverables.

Have they been constructed to demonstrate compliance rather than to achieve enterprise ends?
Do you believe a project manager who says "I am managing the project well, and will prove it by showing you my project charter, project initiation document etc"?



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